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A Homecare Services LLC | Local in-home care & Private Duty Services

"A Homecare Service LLC" offers services beyond in-home personal care. We also provide private duty service. Which is for clients who are in need of four or more hours of daily support or require live-in 24 hour service. A skilled companion, homemaker and live-in are often sought by individuals or family members that wish to remain in their own home rather then being admitted to in an institution, such as a hospital, nursing home or other such facility. Whether you require short term care or long term care, the depth of our experienced staff allows us to tailor a custom care plan that delivers all of the of the custom services our clients require.

private-dutyWe deliver private duty care services, "one-on-one" in our client's home. Furthermore, our private duty services often result in friendships between our attendants and clients. This is not surprising, due to the level of care, which our staff provides to our clients. We care for our clients like they are members of our own family!

We offer Non-medical in-home care, our staff consists of both licensed and unlicensed assistive personnel, which includes nursing assistants, home-health aides and professional homemakers. If you or your loved-one is a senior citizen or recovering from an injury, you may not be able to get around as easy as you used to. We are here to provide assistance on all fronts! Our experienced staff is patient and caring. We specialize in managing clients who have issues with mobility and mature adults whom suffer from incontinence. Our staff goes beyond managing your difficulties, our spirited and educated approach to dealing with this challenges delivers solutions which include light physical therapy to promote health and mobility, and when caring for those with incontinence, we often implement an incontinence management plan which consists of implementing several practical actions which work to control bladder and bowel issues. 

Many whom rely on family members to provide in-home care often find that they do not receive the level of care which they truly require. This is not because there is any lack of love, it is because communicating their true needs is often difficult with those they love. It is not easy and sometimes embarrassing for individuals to ask for help. In such cases both the person in-need and the family member providing care find themselves feeling frustrated, lonely, and even angry. Do not let these issues take a toll on your personal relationships. A Homecare Service is here to help and we find that communication is key. Our professional and educated staff quickly establish a trusting and unconditional relationship with our clients, reminding them that we are here to listen and assist with every need. You will find that employing a professional in-home caregiver, releases the pressures which exist when family members assume the role of caregiver.

Our in-home caregivers do more then attend to the personal needs of our clients, we also perform housekeeping chores such as cleaning, laundry and placement of fresh linens. Our services do not end there. We help or clients regain mobility allowing them to go places and see people with-out the worries associated with traveling.

If you are seeking a local private duty service in Arlington Heights which includes skilled companionship or live-in assistance, you will be happy to know that In-Home Care offers an alternate solution to long-term care facilities. A Homecare Services provides a local option for those seeking private duty services in Arlington Heights, IL and/or it's surrounding suburbs.  Contact us today so that we may provide a proposal based on your specific needs.

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